The Science: How It Works

Amazingly Tan products are highly potent tanning supplements that promote rapid melanin production, leading to powerful skin-darkening effects. It is scientifically designed based on extensive research and testing, created to unlock your body’s full tanning potential.

Proprietary Blend Backed By Science 

Let's simplify the science behind our oral beadlets. People that tan better or have more olive complexions, typically have more melanin in their bodies. People that have a more pale complexion and don't tan as easily, typically have less melanin in their bodies. Amazingly Tan oral beadlets use science-based ingredients including our proprietary blend of skin-enhancing vitamins to help your body increase it's melanin production which results in the ability to tan faster, tan darker, and stay tan longer. 


3 in 1 Solution 

Improve your ability to tan and help protect the skin from UV damage. 

  • Provide the source to produce more melanin 
  • Induce melanin production 
  • Strengthen skin keratin and help protect the skin


More Science

For more information on the science behind our products you can check out this medical study: