Founder Bio

I am a busy mom and stepmom to 7 amazing kids. While I have always loved sunshine and being tan, the phase of life that is full of running kids to activities and managing a home, and working takes priority.

While self-care often includes a short gym session and grabbing a drink from a nearby drive thru, the effort to get tan and stay tan just doesn't make the list. Until now. Now it doesn't have to a long, complicated process.

I found myself in my mid-thirties, divorced, single mom of 3 who had lost her confidence and sense of self-worth. I had put my kids and the needs of my family first for the past decade. I started moving my body and going to the gym but that takes time to really notice a difference. I made a dedicated effort to look tan (yes, I used a messy, splotchy self-tanner). And instantly I felt a boost of confidence. That little bit of glow was great but why it really mattered was that I felt like me again. I realized that sometimes it is the simplest things that can boost our mood or confidence.

I created Amazingly Tan to provide busy moms with functional tanning products to simplify their routine and boost their confidence without any oompa loompa hues.