Does it work well for people with pale or very fair skin?

Yes. Amazingly Tan products works for all skin types, stimulating enhanced melanin production in response to UV rays regardless of how pale or fair the natural complexion.

Will I get tan without being in the sun?

Amazingly Tan works by enhancing your body’s production of melanin in response to UV rays, giving you a better natural tan. As such, it does need some UV rays to activate it and be most effective. However, you may notice a slight change in skin tone due to increased melanin.

Will this help me keep my tan longer?

Yes. In addition to enhancing tanning, Amazingly Tan products can also help maintain a tan for a longer period of time. The length of time will vary per person as everyone naturally has different natural levels of melanin in their body. However, with continued use of Amazingly Tan products and occasional UV exposure you can maintain a tan for much longer than you naturally would.

Can I use sunscreen with the product?

Yes. We do recommend sunscreen and encourage a sun-safe approach to tanning. As melanin increases in your body it will help absorb UV light, which can decrease your risk of sunburn. This is why it is much more difficult for individuals with naturally darker skin to get sunburned. However, we still recommend the use of sunscreen as with any sun exposure.

Are there any side effects?

The only side effects we have seen is a slight stomach ache when taking on an empty stomach. If you experience this, we recommend taking with food or splitting your dose into morning and night if taking multiple capsules. An additional side effect occasionally reported is a reduced appetite. 

Will this make my moles or freckles grow larger or darker?

No. Amazingly Tan will not cause moles or freckles to become darker or larger on its own. Be aware that any sun or UV exposure can naturally cause moles or freckles to grow, regardless of whether or not you are taking Amazingly Tan products. If you are concerned about a mole or freckle on your skin, you should avoid any UV exposure and consult a doctor.