Amazingly Tan Affiliates

Amazingly Tan Affiliate is a Sociable Collective company. We offer a multi-tiered incentive model so you only have to build your collective once but can profit for years. By being an affiliate (we call them collaborators) you will access to not only sell Amazingly Tan products but also other brands we do collaborations with. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for freedom, flexibility, and income.


How It Pays

Payment model is as follows: $/50/50

  • Collective Owner: Sells product- Direct pay (example $20)
  • Tier 1 Collaborator makes a sale: Collective Owner makes 50% of direct pay (example $10)
  • Tier 2 Collaborator: Collective owner makes 50% of direct pay in Tier 1 (example $5)

The dollar amount paid will vary for every product and brand but will be in the same $/50/50 model.

Every member is their own Collective Owner and will be paid as such.

Now imagine if your collective had hundreds of ambitious women...

all selling more than one product. All building their own personal collectives while also being part of yours. Build your collective once, and let it continue to pay out for years.

How This System Will Change Your Life

Imagine having the flexibility to promote multiple brands like with affiliate marketing but with generous compensation comparable to direct sales companies. We offer a multi-tiered incentive model so you only have to build your collective once but can profit for years. Unlock a strategy similar to an early retirement plan catering to those who want something of their own but also want to build something that keeps paying out. Perfect for moms, influencers, social sellers, and affiliate marketers.


Affiliate FAQs

How much money do I make?

It is different for every brand. All other brand compensations will be listed when you are logged into your collaborative affiliate account.

How do I get someone linked to me?

You will need to click the sign up button and create a free account, then you will be able to share your personalized link or code. Someone will be linked to you in either of the following ways: 1) They purchase something from a link you share. 2) They create a collaborative affiliate account from your join link you share.

How do collaborations work?

A collaboration is another brand that we work with for a select amount of time, which will vary for each brand. This gives our affiliates an opportunity to sell other products while still monetizing the collectives they have created.

What if I have a brand that I want you to collaborate with?

If you have brand suggestions, you can feel out the form here. If you own a brand yourself or have connections at a brand, please be sure to include that information as it will help expedite collaboration onboarding process.

When will you start adding other brands?

Currently we are planning on September 2024. We currently have several lined up, however phase one is building our network here so that we have a customer base to work with during our collaborations.

How can I get people to join my collective?

There is no limit to how you can market. Remember people can become a part of your collective by 1) buying from a link you share or 2) signing up through your join link. We recommend you growing your collective through connections on your social media. However, we do not limit ads, funnels, or digital products explaining how the system works.

Can you define some of the terms used?

Collaborative affiliates: the ability for affiliates to sell products from multiple brands using the same network

Hybrid model: pays 3 layers deep on affiliates that are linked together

Collective: a personal network or community of people created within the collaborative affiliate program

Linked to: being connected to someone either through a purchase or join link, applies to the first 3 layers

Brand Collaborations

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