What is the science behind our tanning supplements?

An increase of skin pigmentation above the basal constitutive level induced by physiological factors (for example, UVR) is called facultative pigmentation, or more commonly ‘tanning’, and this occurs by a reaction pathway called melanogenesis.

The Amazingly Tan solution leverages the skin's natural faculative tanning potential through use of biomimetics.

Our Technology

Biomimetic Tanning


In melanogenesis, the body makes the melanin which provides a natural tan by way of converting the amino acid Tyrosine via the enzyme Tyrosinase.

Normally, this process is regulated by the hormone alpha-MSH which is responsible for skin darkening, however, the Amazingly Tan formula enables an increase of melanogenesis even when alpha-MSH levels are low (i.e in individuals that are normally fair and cannot normally obtain a natural tan). It is important to note, however, that the Amazingly Tan formula does not contain alpha-MSH itself and also does not interfere with the body's natural levels of other hormones.

The Amazingly Tan Pathway

The Amazingly Tan exclusive complex is designed to increase the bioavailability of both the aforementioned enzyme Tyrosinase and substrate amino acid Tyrosine, all of which are required for melanogenesis

This is a form of biomimetic technology, meaning "the emulation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems".

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Tan Darker & Faster

By increasing the bioavailability (meaning the extent to which the active metabolite is present in the system, thereby accessing the site of action) of these compounds in the skin, the amount of melanin produced is increased and the body produces a natural tan quicker. In fact, this is true of enzymatic reactions in nature - if both the enzyme and substrate concentration are increased then the reaction rate will also increase.

In general, it is well-documented that for any chemical reaction, if the concentration of reactants is increased then the reaction rate will also increase - and this is no different in biochemistry.

Optimized for absorption

The active ingredients in the Amazingly Tan solution are able to be readily absorbed by the nasal membrane and sublingual glands as the molecules are small enough to pass through these membranes. These membranes in particular are ideal for absorption as they are only a few cells thick. This is why nasal or sublingual application of the AmazinglyTan Complex is ideal for best results.

It is this technology that differentiates Amazingly Tan from other traditional tanning methods, allowing for game-changing results that speak for themselves.