How to get a killer suntan without damaging your skin

Summer is here! How are you planning on achieving your perfect, dream golden tan? Gone are the days were you would lay out for hours, baking in baby oil. We all know that is a recipe for massive skin damage! What other options are there?

1. Consider taking a supplement

What are tanning supplements? Are they safe? Do they work? We were asking ourselves those questions when we first heard about them. Let's break down what we found out. 

Tanning supplements uses the way the body makes the melanin which gives a natural tan is by way of converting the amino acid Tyrosine via the enzyme Tyrosinase. By increasing the bioavailability of these compounds in the skin, the amount of melanin produced is increased and the body produces a natural tan quicker. 

The only reported side effect is that some people experience a slight decrease in appetite, however many see this as a benefit. It is possible, albeit very rare, for a person to have a mild allergic reaction to the product. If you experience a rash, watery eyes, nausea or any other symptoms then it is possible that you are allergic to the product and we do not advise use is continued in these circumstances. 

The absolutely work! Our favorite is Amazingly Tan's complex. Their products use new and disruptive technology and are developed with the purest and highest quality ingredients. 

An Amazingly Tan tan will not fade for 6-12 months and provides some individuals with a permanent but subtle colour change that never fades back to their natural colour. The tan fades without becoming patchy like a fake tan, and as such it does not require the user to exfoliate their top layer of skin on a weekly basis as do most self-tanning products. 


2. Stop Using Active Skincare

Summer is the time to reduce the use of active ingredients that make your skin more sensitive. It is recommended that you stop using retinol for the entire summer season.


3. Apply Sun Protection

Even using a supplement and reducing the use of active skincare, you must still use sun protection. One of the perks of using Amazing Tan's products is that you are less likely to burn. However it is important to be mindful of sun damage especially if you are prone to burning. It is also important to note that the product will not provide noticeable protection from burning for approximately the first 1-3 weeks depending on your genetics. 

For reference, many of our customers have sent us testimonials and left reviews on our site showing that they were able to get a dramatic colour change even while wearing SPF 50+ sunscreen every day.


4. Water, water, water

Dehydration can happen very easily during the summer heat. This can cause cellular damage (hyperpigmentation, uneven tone and sunburn, can happen more easily). Be sure to keep a water bottle handy and refill regularly!