Business Collaborations

Amazingly Tan Affiliate is a collaborative affiliate company. Businesses that are selected to collaborate with benefit from increased sales, more brand awareness, and increased exposure throughout social channels all at no cost except when a sale is actually made. Please complete the form to recommend a business to collaborate.

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Business Collaboration FAQs

How much does it cost collaborate?

The only cost is when a sale is made through our collaboration links.

Is a collaboration a marketing opportunity?

Yes. It is a marketing strategy that is only paid once a sale is completed rather than a typical marketing strategy where money is spent either on paid ads or through an influencer and there is hope a sale comes from it.

How do collaborations work?

A collaboration is another brand that we work with for a select amount of time, which will vary for each brand. This gives our affiliates an opportunity to sell other products while still monetizing the collectives they have created.

What if I have a brand that I want you to collaborate with?

If you have brand suggestions, you can feel out the form here. If you own a brand yourself or have connections at a brand, please be sure to include that information as it will help expedite collaboration onboarding process.

When will you start adding other brands?

Currently we are planning on September 2024. We currently have several lined up, however phase one is building our network here so that we have a customer base to work with during our collaborations.

Can you define some of the terms used?

Collaborative affiliates: this is type of affiliate model we have chosen to use for Amazingly Tan

Collective: a personal network or community of people created within the collaborative affiliate program

Linked to: being connected to someone either through a purchase or join link, applies to the first 3 layers

Brand Collaborations

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